"You can't see a painter or a writer or a musician if you just look at them, but you can see a dancer in a child if they've studied ballet for a year." From the movie "The Dancer and the Dance"

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Rebecca Sayadian- Founder, Artistic Director
Email: HSSClassicaldance@yahoo.com
Studio number (501) 276-2897
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About us

Opening in 2008 inside Quapaw Community Center, Hot Springs School of Classical Dance has quickly become known as the premiere studio for classical dance training in Hot Springs. The School has grown exponentially, and now has a new location with two large studio spaces! The School is expanding its repertoire of classical Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Acrobatics, now offering Hip Hop, Musical Theater, & Dance Team preparatory classes. For ages 3 & up.

We are very excited to contribute to the arts in Hot Springs! We use a graded curriculum in a professional atmosphere in order to build a foundation that will produce a love of dance and a complete dance education.


Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. Classes in preparatory ballet are offered for three, four, and five year olds. The emphasis is placed on musicality, creativity, and coordination, as well as basic body and feet positions. This is the time to start building a love of dance, preparing the child for the time when she is physically and mentally ready to begin formal training. Our formal training begins around age six, focusing on proper body alignment, strength, and extension. Pointe work is taught to students who are at least ten(10) years of age and who have had the required pre-Pointe classes. Transfer students may request placement into Pointe classes; however all decisions will be made at the director's discretion.


Tap is for all ages. Tap dancing develops exact rhythm and timing and is important in the overall training of a dancer.

Jazz/Theater Dance

Classical Jazz is taught to students age 7 and up. Focus is placed on rhythm, body awareness and manipulation, and style.


Basic Acrobatics is included in both preparatory ballet classes. This helps in limbering the body and developing coordination, as well as giving the student a sense of accomplishment when she achieves a new trick. More advanced classes will form on demand.

Recitals are presented every year. The Recital is the culmination of the training for the
school year and provides the students an opportunity to participate in a professional stage production. New dances are choreographed each year and student's level of ability is demonstrated in those dances. Information about themes of the Recital, costumes and dates will be announced early in the school year.
The recital is the high point of the year for students. Active participation in the presentation is a memory that will remain with your child for the rest of their life. It is an opportunity for
children to learn about discipline, teamwork and cooperation. For parents it represents an opportunity to view the extraordinary accomplishments of their child.

*Students should never perform at school or elsewhere until they have had at least one year of training. The School should also be informed of any program in which the student is invited to participate. We will be more than happy to work with them, as their performance is a reflection of the School, and it is of mutual concern that the dance be well rehearsed.

The placement of any student must be left entirely up to the director. A graded system and placement of students according to training, age, and ability guarantees the steady progress of each class and the self-confidence of the student. Promotion to more advanced instruction is considered on the basis of individual achievement.

Our Class Placement Policy
We take many factors into consideration when determining your class placement. Some of these are age and ability, the quality of your previous training, the number of classes per week you will be taking, your overall level of strength and technical mastery, and your goals.
Please try not to compare yourself with other students according to which level you are placed in. Ballet dancers repeat the same basic exercises day after day throughout their careers, building their technique gradually over time. Being placed in a particular level is not necessarily a reflection of your desire or talent. You should follow the orderly progression through
the syllabus so that important elements of your training are not skipped over. Remember that, especially in the younger division, exercises are slower and require your patience to repeat them many times. This shouldn’t make ballet boring. Keep focusing on all the exciting new steps you will be learning when you are ready, and how beautifully and correctly you will be able to do them!
Moving to the next level before you are ready could lead to injuries or bad habits, and could slow down the pace of the lessons for your classmates. Rarely, some students advance to a level higher than usual for their age because they are ready for the challenge. This doesn’t mean that they are “better” than you are. Do bear in mind though, that dancers who take more classes per week will tend to move more quickly through the syllabus. If you or your parents feel that you are not in the right class, we are very happy to discuss this with you. We understand that not all of
our students are seeking a professional career in dance. At the same time we want to give you all the attention you deserve. That’s why it’s so important that you are placed in the right level.

Private Lessons/Solo Performances

Private coaching is available on a limited basis for SCD students who wish to intensify their training. All private students must be enrolled in a group class in addition to his or her private coaching. Teachers accept students according to their own schedules and studio availability. Fees are determined by the teacher. As for now, all private students will be given the opportunity to perform a solo in the end-of-the-year recital. This is not a requirement, however. *No students who study ballet at a school other than HSSCD will be accepted for private coaching. A solo performance in the recital is an honor and a reward for hard work throughout the school year. It is an opportunity to showcase the dancer and the choreography of the faculty.
In the future, solo performance will only be offered to qualifying students who have completely the required number of years of study. More information will be available when this policy is implemented.